Welcome to the X-Men, Evan J. Peterson…

Hope you survive the experience

Meet the newest member of the ARUS Entertainment team.

Evan J. Peterson

We hope you’ll enjoy the experience.

ARUS Entertainment is proud to announce that Evan J. Peterson has joined our merry band of outlaw heroes…I mean, independent creators with important stories to tell.

Evan’s stories and poetry chill me to the bone, and I’m honored that he’s agreed to let me help bring his unique creative visions to life, starting with his uniquely twisted poetry collection METAFLESH: Poems in the Voices of the Monster (due out summer 2021).

In his own words, Evan’s origin story is as follows:

Evan J. Peterson is the creator of Drag Star! (Choice of Games), the world’s first drag performer RPG, as well as The PrEP Diaries: A Safe(r) Sex Memoir (Lethe Press). An author, critic, game writer, and Clarion West alum, his writing has appeared in Weird Tales, Queers Destroy Horror, Nightmare Magazine, Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comics, and Best Gay Stories 2015. Evan edited the Lambda Literary Award finalist anthology, Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam: Gay City 5, and founded the Seattle-based series SHRIEK: Women of Horror Cinema. Evanjpeterson.com can tell you more.

Please welcome him to the team, and watch this space for further announcements as we assemble our squad of scrappy creatives in the months to come!


Scott James Magner
Owner and Publisher, ARUS Entertainment

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