Beachhead: Book 3 of the Homefront Trilogy


Jantine is a Beta, a genetically-modified super-soldier designed to establish and defend a hidden colony on Earth. But the Alphas back home in the Outer Colonies never thought she’d arrive in the middle of a civil war, where her strongest ally is the most wanted woman in the Home System, hunted by a genocidal madman who also kidnapped the colonists under Jantine’s protection.

Alone, outnumbered, and desperately short on supplies, Jantine and her ragtag group of mods arrive at the one place no-one expects them—the home of Dr. Mordecai Harrison, Earth’s greatest statesman and the one person on the planet who’s actually happy to see them.

With the help of his friends, she plans the most improbable rescue of all: break into the Fleet’s highest security research facility, find her people, and take her revenge on the rogue officers who stole them.

As suicide missions go, this one could use a little more action.